Come join our leisurely paced and well-organized small group tours through world renowned art cities and many of the less traveled back roads of Italy. Enjoy specially prepared meals, wise tasting, and many other activities not available to the casual traveler. Stay in unique accommodations, hand selected for their charm, character, location and historical significance.

Group tours vary on the tastes of our clients. Samples include tours of cathedrals, museums, opera festivals, gastronomic/culinary and wine tasting. 


Because our groups are purposely kept small, we arrange for clients to visit many unusual places in addition to the important and popular sites no one should miss. We want our clients to experience the character, charm, and hospitality of a country, while still seeing the major art and historic contributions our destinations have given to the world. The experience alone is designed to help you feel at home while being fully immersed in the local flavor. We travel in comfortable air-conditioned vans, not large vehicles, therefore, some of the areas on our itineraries are seldom seen on many other tours.



Client testimonials -

"Even if we were not opera buffs, we would have enjoyed 'Tutto Verdi'.  With all the constant attention to details and the continued attempt to make one feel at home, this tour far exceeded our expectations."

Ruth G.  Tampa, FL


"We just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time Lillian and I had this summer with Tours To Boot. Hope to drink many more glasses of wine with you and the group. We are already looking forward to our next trip with you. Thanks so much for a great time and wonderful memories."

Larry and Lillian A., La Quinta, CA


"VIVA TOURS TO BOOT!  From our strolls beneath the elegant, shady porticos of Bologna "la dotta" to the picturesque majesty of Lago Maggiore, I can say without reservation that the tour I recently took with Tours To Boot was incomparable to any tour I have been on to Italy or anywhere else for that matter.  Immaculate attention to detail was given to everything from where we ate to our personal accommodations.  The charming places we visited were hidden gems well off the beaten tourist track, and this is very important to me.  I wanted to be able to partake in "la vita italiana" and not just some randomly thrown together tourist package and I was able to do just that.  I could practice the language with locals, take evening walks through historical centers filled with lively and welcoming Italians, and feel "unhurried" when I woke up in the mornings, knowing that the trip wasn't the standard chaotic train wreck of a different city (or two, or three!) each and every day.  If someone is reading this comment section and is considering traveling to Italy for the first time (or even returning for the third or fourth time!) but is concerned about time or money, rest assured that every reasonable cent is more than worth it--you'll see!  Thank you, Tours To Boot, for the best trip of my life!

Tracy S., San Diego, CA